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Web app development

Every business relies on software, though increasingly this software no longer lives on the user's desktop. People demand access to tools and capabilities across a wide range of platforms and operating systems. If your business is looking to put a system in place to streamline a process, then you are often left with the dilemma around the best way to do this. It's sensible to search for proprietary off-the-shelf solutions, however, these don't always work the way you need you to. You want something to work your way, to fit with your processes, and to drive innovation in ways that your competition isn't. 

The scope of what defines a web application can be anything from some small custom tools on your existing website, through to fully fledged web-based systems for managing your day to day business operations. At Scorchsoft we have experience with both and are able to advise solutions based on the unique set-up of your existing operations.

Bespoke web application benefits

Here are some benefits to implementing a bespoke web app for your business:

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Process motivated web applications

Web applications allow you to wrap up your existing business processes into a single, streamlined place. A web app acts as a hub between your various different systems, connecting things together and triggering actions based on common events. By formalising your workflow into an app, you control your processes more effectively, resulting in higher quality, consistency, and speed.

Introduce a recurring revenue stream on the cloud

Why not let us help you develop a new web-based tool or system that you can sell on a pay-per-month basis to your clients? Performing web applications and SaaS business models can often yield a gross margin as high as 90%. Cloud-based business models often have a staffless sales process, meaning you have the potential to nurture a customer from your marketing, directly to signing up as a customer, with little to no interaction with your sales team.

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Maximise your user base

You can maximise the number of users that have access to your application, by making it web-based. Web apps work on most internet enabled devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, giving you the widest possible audience relative to the cost of production.

Always up to date

Unlike desktop software, whereby a new version requires a lengthy rollout process across each user's machine, software in the cloud can be updated immediately, affecting all users at the same time. This can drastically reduce IT costs involved with the traditional testing and deployment across your organisation.

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We will implement a central database for your web software, keeping all of your data and applications in one place. We can then back up and load-balance this database across multiple servers in different locations, giving you high resilience, and reducing business risk. Anyone in the world can gain access to your web software at any time. Business-critical data is protected, accessible and can be easily restored.



Our apps are made-to-measure, based upon your unique goals and objectives. Our team are eager to hear what you would like to achieve, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea that you would like to discuss, a question, or if you would like to hear more about how we work.

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