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Scorchosft specialises in building web apps. Build an app to engage your customers, or to automate an internal process. Progressive Web App Development.

Every business relies on software, though increasingly this software no longer lives on the user's desktop. People demand access to tools and capabilities across a wide range of platforms and operating systems. If your business is looking to put a system in place to streamline a process, then you are often left with the dilemma around the best way to do this. It's sensible to search for proprietary off-the-shelf solutions, however, these don't always work the way you need you to. You want something to work your way, to fit with your processes, and to drive innovation in ways that your competition isn't. 

The scope of what defines a web application can be anything from some small custom tools on your existing website, through to fully fledged web-based systems for managing your day to day business operations. At Scorchsoft we have experience with both and are able to advise solutions based on the unique set-up of your existing operations.

Bespoke web application benefits

Here are some benefits to implementing a bespoke web app for your business:

Process motivated web applications

Web applications allow you to wrap up your existing business processes into a single, streamlined place. A web app acts as a hub between your various different systems, connecting things together and triggering actions based on common events. By formalising your workflow into an app, you control your processes more effectively, resulting in higher quality, consistency, and speed.

piggy bank near a waterfall, representing money and revenue streams.

Introduce a recurring revenue stream on the cloud

Why not let us help you develop a new web-based tool or system that you can sell on a pay-per-month basis to your clients? Performing web applications and SaaS business models can often yield a gross margin as high as 90%. Cloud-based business models often have a staffless sales process, meaning you have the potential to nurture a customer from your marketing, directly to signing up as a customer, with little to no interaction with your sales team.

Maximise your user base

You can maximise the number of users that have access to your application, by making it web-based. Web apps work on most internet enabled devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, giving you the widest possible audience relative to the cost of production.

green app ideas light bulb, showing an idea standing out.

Always up to date

Unlike desktop software, whereby a new version requires a lengthy rollout process across each user's machine, software in the cloud can be updated immediately, affecting all users at the same time. This can drastically reduce IT costs involved with the traditional testing and deployment across your organisation.


We will implement a central database for your web software, keeping all of your data and applications in one place. We can then back up and load-balance this database across multiple servers in different locations, giving you high resilience, and reducing business risk. Anyone in the world can gain access to your web software at any time. Business-critical data is protected, accessible and can be easily restored.


a red envelope on top of normal envelopes, representing bespoke features


Our apps are made-to-measure, based upon your unique goals and objectives. Our team are eager to hear what you would like to achieve, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea that you would like to discuss, a question, or if you would like to hear more about how we work.

Experience delivering

Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development

Launch a new tech product, improve performance, enable new marketing strategies or introduce new revenue streams.

Web App Development Services

Web App Development

Engage your customers by developing unique services, and internal processes, that differentiate your business from the competition.

Online Login Portal Development Services

Online Login Portals

Portals with user login, groups, ownership levels, permissions and entitlements. Control your processes while encouraging user engagement.

Planning, Wireframing & Project Specification Services

Planning, Wireframing & Specifications

Through a detailed specification and visual blueprints of your site or app, you can make sure we’re on the right track.

Online Video Calling Portal Development (and Video App Development)

Online Video Calling

Businesses are becoming increasingly global, making remote operation a necessity if you want to grow. By enabling online video calls you your staff, and your customers can carry out work from anywhere in the world.

API Development & Systems Integration Services

API and Systems Integration

Automate manually processes and enable your various systems to talk to each other. Integrate with third party API's to innovate and deliver results.

Project Management Planning Services (For Tech Projects, Apps, and Portals)

Project Planning, Expertise, and Advice

Every successful project starts with a plan. We’ll work together to create yours, making detailed specifications that outline what you want.

Reporting, Charts and Graphs Development Services (For Apps and Portals)

Reporting, Charts & Graphs

Record and represent your data online or in-app. Attractive and easy to understand graphs that are accessible across multiple devices.

Internet of Things App Development (IoT Cloud Services & Apps)

Internet of Things (IoT Apps)

Make your business smarter, more effective, and incredibly responsive with the Internet of Things (IoT). As long as a device has WiFi capabilities, you can use it to drive your business forward and improve everyday processes.

Online Payments and In-App Payments Development

Online Pay & In-App Payments

There are now billions of online shoppers around the world and they’ve all got money to spend. Make sure you’re not missing out on potential customers by setting up online and in-app payments.

PDF Generation (For Apps, Web apps, and Online Portal)

PDF Generation

Automatically generate documents and resources on-the-fly. Customise by user data, language preference, branding, and more.

Convert Your Spreadsheet to an App (Spreadsheet to App Development Services)

Spreadsheet to App Conversion

Convert your spreadsheet into a fully-functional web or mobile application. Or, use spreadsheets as your data source, sending data to your server, app, or website, at the click of a button.

Online Partner Portals

Partner portals

Manage partners and sales agents whilst enabling bespoke operational requirements. Oversee hierarchies of stakeholders, business units or partner companies.

eCommerce websites and apps


Websites and apps that allow your customers to transact with you online. Sell products, or generate recurring revenue by implementing a subscription payment model.

ROI Calculator Development Services (Apps and Web Apps)

ROI Calculators (Apps and Tools)

Improve conversion rates by showing customers your financial value quickly. Generate leads that contain useful customer metrics to improve sales performance.

Cloud monitoring

Cloud monitoring

Send data to the cloud from anywhere in the world. Track devices or services remotely via the web, or mobile applications.

Database design

Database design

Store business information in a database structure that supports both project requirements and infrastructure growth. Load balanced databases that support high user numbers and big data.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation

Automatically email users based on events within your systems or websites. Give users a lead score, and customise responses to nurture and convert.

Location, maps and monitoring

Location, maps and monitoring

Track the location of devices and users, display location-based metrics, and business analytics using digital maps.

Multi-site management

Multi-site management

For businesses that have multiple brands, entities or franchises. Manage multiple sites, and businesses, within a single login portal.

Electronic tickets (eTickets) apps and integrations

Electronic tickets (eTickets)

Run your own box office and eliminate ticket printing and postage costs by digitising your tickets. Ticket delivery via your website, email or smartphone.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Keep connected like never before with instant messaging. You can reach staff, existing customers, and potential clients with ease and customise your tools to suit their needs.

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

Keep yourself protected with our encryptions services. Have you secured your data? If not, you’re leaving yourself open to hackers who can attack your systems and steal your data.

Website Design (With Complex Requirements)

Website design (For Complex Projects)

Great looking websites, tailored to your brand guidelines. Designs that are optimised based on user behaviour, with the goal of increasing conversions, or encouraging certain behaviours.

Mobile-friendly web app design

Mobile-friendly web app design

Web app design that looks and feels great on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Increase conversions by optimising messaging and calls to action based on screen size, and user habits.

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