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React and React Native Development

ReactJS and React Native

We develop apps in React Native and build web apps using React. The React frameworks allow us to create fast, scalable web and mobile applications with rich user interfaces.

Laravel Development Services (PHP Framework)

Laravel PHP Framework

At Scorchsoft, we use Laravel, one of the most trusted web app frameworks on the market. It’s versatile, reliable, and equipped with everything we need to build smart and seamless web applications.

Amazon Web Services Development (AWS)

Amazon Web Services

AWS web app development, we make apps, portals and SaaS products that achieve scale using the Amazon Web Services environment and tools.

SQL Database Development Services (SQL, MySQL, and MariaDB )

SQL Databases

Most Scorchsoft projects involve SQL database development. SQL database design, development, optimisation support. We have experience configuring databases capable of storing billions of records.

JavaScript Development Services


JavaScript language and can use it to programme your professional application or website, letting your interface benefit from its many positive attributes. On both the front end and back end.

Progressive Web App Development Services (PWA Development)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

With PWAs, we can create a powerful interface that blends the best of websites and mobile apps for an entirely user-focused experience.

iOS App Development Services

iOS Apps

Apple iOS app development using the React Native platform. Apple holds a huge chunk of the mobile and computing market, especially amongst the younger generation.

Android App Development

Android Mobile Apps

Develop your mobile for both Android and iOS with our Android App Development Services. Supporting your project with planning, UX design, development and project management.

Yii Development Services - Yii2 & Yii3 (PHP)

Yii (Yii2) Framework

Yii Framework is a back-end development framework that allows for rapid high-quality web applications to be created in accordance with the latest web standards and conventions

Alexa Smart Speaker Development

Alexa Smart Speaker Platform

Develop a smart-speaker app with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Scorchsoft builds apps using the Amazon ecosystem of services (AWS).

Google Cloud Services Development

Google Cloud Services

We develop web and mobile apps using a range of Google Cloud services and tools, from hosted containers, to google maps, machine learning models and image recognition.

Docker Web App Development


By developing in Docker containers, we are able to deploy apps and back end code in a way that remembers the environment config. This saves time in the development process.

Apache and NGINX Development and App Hosting

Apache and NGINX

Apache development and NGINX development mean that your apps are hosted on fast, scalable, best practice services to support the growth of your web or mobile app back end.

CSS and SaSS Development

CSS and SaSS

We build web applications that use the modern CSS framework SaSS to create beautify markup, combined with modern style frameworks like Ant Design, Material and Bootstrap.

GIT Version Control Development

GIT Version Control

Following an established and proven versioning process is crucial, and becomes even more important with multiple developer & multiple team working.

Wordpress Web Development

Wordpress websites

The web's most popular Content Management System. Plug-in rich and particularly suited for news/article driven websites.

Modx Website Development

Modx websites

Modx a is powerful, flexible, user-friendly content management system that has a wide range of high-quality plug-ins.

Facebook Page App Development

Facebook page apps

Facebook page apps increase conversions and lead generation from your Facebook advertising and social media marketing.

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