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Facebook Page App Development

Facebook Page App Development

Facebook page apps allow you to generate more likes to your page and allow you to use promotions to turn 'a like' into real business.

What is a Facebook page app / tab?

It may seem like Voodoo but the idea behind it is simple. In having a Facebook page app developed you are putting a custom tab onto your company's Facebook page. To demonstrate this let's have a look at how coca-cola have done it with Coke Zone:

Coca-Cola facebook tab example.

This tab can then be used to display some content or an application to the use that engages them socially. In the case of Coke Zone, this tab is all about pushing brand awareness and engaging the user alongside engaging Coca-Cola branding.

Why develop a Facebook page app?

A common strategy in Facebook marketing is to try to generate likes for a company's page. This is beneficial as anyone who has 'liked' a page will now see updates and notifications from this page. This allows you to bring social into your customer relationship management process. It makes sense, but raises some questions such as: How do I generate likes, and, how can I turn a like into a sale.

Facebook page apps increase the number of likes you can get from your marketing. If you advertise on Facebook to get likes then rather than advertising the timeline of your Facebook page you are able to advertise a particular tab / app of your page. You can then offer a user some value if they like the page (e.g. get a free £30 voucher if you like our page). The contents of the app can then be tailored to show the user something different if they have liked your page versus if they haven't. By offering some value in exchange for a 'like' you increase the incentive for the user to like your page.

Facebook page apps convert likes into leads. Once you have a number of likes the next challenge becomes engaging the user and converting to business. An app can be used to push a promotion to the users who have liked your page (without further Facebook advertising costs) to engage them in some way. In the most simple terms this could be a promotion where, with a similar approach as above, the user has to enter some contact details in exchange for a promotion. This in-effect generates a follow-upable lead that can even be automatically sent to your CRM system. Or, like Coca-cola have done it may just give a user enough of a reason to re-engage with your brand.

Some Facebook page app development ideas:

There are a range of ways you could use an app to engage your customers. Here are a handful of ways that we have come up with:

  • A promotional landing page with a like / user detail input in exchange for the promotion.
  • A competition-lead game that encourages your fans to engage with your content.
  • A sales application that communicates your products and services and aims to make a sale.
  • A social application that encourages users to share your Facebook app/tab with their friends.

What next?

It may be that you have an idea and want to decide on the approach so that we can put a quote together, or you know this is something you should be doing but don't quite know how. If this is the case then please get in contact with us. We are happy to have open discussions and would like to help you on your Facebook app journey.

Alternatively if you would like some guidelines into your Facebook marketing approach, or would like to read some market research about what is going on in social media at the moment then please download our social media paper. It is free and contains a solid 15 pages of quality content:

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