BICSc Cleaning Audit Mobile and Tablet App

This app enables cleaning auditors to review and accredit critical cleaning infrastructure.

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BICSc Cleaning Audit Mobile and Tablet App
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Finding Talent With BICSs Applications

The new BICSc (The British Institute of Cleaning Science) applications are designed to transform their assessment processes. With an internal mobile and web application, we've made it easier for their assessors to find and assess candidate's skills. The applications are secure, easy to use, and comprehensive, giving BICSc a new way to unlock potential.


Replacing Manual Processes

BICSc had been using a manual, paper-based process to assess talent until the commission of these applications. This process included a paper-based CPSS Kit, which contained general information pages, regulations, skill information pages, and individual skill assessments and marking sheets. Whilst the process itself wasn't terrible, the use of paper and manual assessing was outdated and not the most efficient method of assessing candidates' skills in real-time.

When building the applications, we wanted to give BICSc a new, innovative approach to assessing that would make it easier and quicker for everyone involved.


The BICSc dashboard

All of the Tools in One Place

We built two applications for BICSc; a mobile application for IOS and Android, designed for assessors and verifiers, and a backend web application for internal BICSc employees. The applications provide digital versions of the tools needed to assess employees, and there are over 700 registered auditors who have access to the apps. It's a master source for all assessment questions, with assessors and verifiers each having an individual login. When they log on, they can quickly assess a candidate's skills and receive their direct results, along with a summary. When verifiers log on, they can carry out audits of the training centres and individual assessors with ease.


Real-Time Access

When assessing candidates, having a quick process is vital. That's why we made sure that we rooted our apps in real-time data. As the assessors review candidates' CPSS skills, the results are sent back to BICSc in real-time and without delay. Unlike their manual process, which can take time to be sent out and reviewed, the applications allow instant access to any authorised personnel.

A view of the BUS assessment summery

Leave Feedback For Candidates

One of the most significant advantages of going digital for BICSc is the new ability to leave real-time feedback for their candidates. Through the application, we've made it simple for assessors to comment on the candidates work, helping them understand where they may be lacking in skills and how they can improve. They can also use the backend admin area to manage and administer questions, skills, and resources in real-time.


Leave Paper Behind

In a world that's becoming increasingly digital, paper processes often lose out. BICSc knew that their manual methods were lacking in efficiency, speed, and style. As a large company driving education in cleaning sciences, they needed to move away from paper to remain relevant and create the best assessment services for their candidates and employees.

A view of the Dust control mop sweeping checklist

Technology Stack

To build the mobile application, we used React Native. This reliable programme lets us build quickly whilst utilising a range of advanced tools, and we can quickly adapt the finished application for both iOS and Android operating systems. To create the backend website application, we used Yii2. This application will work across systems and computers and is responsive to a range of devices.

We wrote the applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React Native, MySQL, and PHP.

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