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BSEEN - Scorchsoft presentation slides

By Andrew Ward By Andrew Ward Jun 27, 2013 news, marketing
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When presenting at the BSEEN evening event on the 26th June, held at Primitivo, I noticed a lot of people taking photographs of the presentation slides and figured it would be much easier to simply put them online for everyone (see below).

Whilst I'm here it's worth saying congratulations to Sandra who is getting married this coming weekend and a big thank-you to Robyn Ward (featured in the image above) for taking the time to brand the wall of our office with a big-O! See more pictures on our Facebook page.

Scorchsoft BSEEN presentation slides


  • Who we are and what we do.
  • Our customers and route-to-market.
  • Scorchsoft's Journey.
  • Value prop and branding importance.
  • Emparting lessons and advice.
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