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Waste Collection and Recycling (App & Website)

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Collect My Waste App and Website
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Waste Collection Services

From glass recycling to food waste, Collect My Waste is an app and website that makes getting rid of rubbish easier. Customers can create an account, scheduling waste removal for dates that suit them and hiring skips. Both the app and website are focused on creating an excellent user experience, with easy to use features to simplify waste removal, and track user history for in-depth analytic reports.

Clean, Simple Design

The customer is looking for an easy way to dispose of their waste, meaning that the web and app had to be straightforward and easy to navigate, whilst keeping the design professional and enticing. After logging in, the design splits areas into small boxes to keep the functions clear and make it simple for the user to complete the task that they need to. The dashboard has a clear overview of all the information they need, including upcoming collections and payment plans. They can also schedule a delivery from here, reducing the need to navigate the site and making ordering waste collection easier than ever.

Person sitting on a chair, holding an ipad with analytics information

Analytics Tracking

As the user schedules appointments, the data is tracked on the website and app to provide in-depth analytics. The metrics are recorded in a colour-coded graph which categorises waste types (landfill, recovered, recycled, reused), making user history easy to view. This then allows users to view when their waste is collected, as well as how it’s disposed of. This gives users complete control over their rubbish removal, ensuring the company is held accountable for their services. For businesses, this is especially useful - by keeping track of budgets and recording how much waste is disposed of, it helps them see where they may be losing money or how they can cut back on rubbish, in order to become more eco-friendly.

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Simple Quotes

Users can request quotes using an integrated form, choosing from a variety of criteria including type of waste, container type, quantity, and regularity of collection. Once they’ve submitted the information, a quote is automatically generated for their address, with which they can then proceed to order and pay. The process is simple and uses pre-entered data to generate quick quotes.

Doodle of a phone loading a transaction

Easy In-App Payments

When users are ready to order, the in-app or online payment process is seamless. Customers can choose to add a card for a one-off payment, or set up a direct debit. The built-in automated invoicing feature also allows for quicker processing of payments, saving Collect My Waste a lot of admin time. Compared to more basic payment features, this has streamlined the process, making it far simpler for both our clients and their customers.

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A New Revenue Stream

By creating an app alongside their website, the business is opened up to a wider, more diverse audience. It maximises their exposure and helps them to generate a bigger client base, generating a new revenue stream alongside their existing site. As the world becomes more app-based and users are looking for easy ways to do day-to-day tasks from their phone, this was an essential move to keeping the client relevant in their industry.

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