Dragonfly Security Intelligence & Analysis Service App

The Dragonfly SIAS app provides comprehensive intelligence reports on global events and risks, features a 'Flashpoints Calendar' of significant events, and offers recorded briefing sessions as podcasts.

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Dragonfly Security Intelligence & Analysis Service App

Scorchsoft teamed up with Dragonfly (a FiscalNote Company) to take their services to a new level by developing a mobile application. Dragonfly Eye already had a web application but recognised the growing value of mobile technology in reaching their customers more effectively. The Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS) mobile app aimed to improve the user experience and access to data.

The aim of the Dragonfly SIAS app was to give users easy access to a wealth of features, such as intelligence reports, a flashpoints calendar, briefing sessions, and contact details. It also provided information on risk methodology alongside offering the ability to receive push notifications and share reports.

I really enjoyed working with the Scorchsoft team on building our first mobile app. The planning session really set us off on the right foot and meant we really thought about what should be in the first version of our app. The wireframes brought the project to life and got us excited about what Scorchsoft was building for us. Overall, the project has been a great success. Scorchsoft listened to our feedback, offered solutions and incorporated improvements as they delivered each of the features. They delivered the app early and on budget. Most importantly, within the first hour of launching, we had over 200 downloads, which shows how keen our clients were to start using the app. We're very much looking forward to Scorchsoft helping us with the next iteration.

- Rebecca Palser, Head of Operations, FiscalNote Global Intelligence

Contact Us Page Dragonfly SIAS App

At the project's outset, both companies sat down to plot a detailed plan. During these sessions, we offered two ways of working, A fixed-price ‘Waterfall’ approach, or the ‘Agile’ method; it was decided that an Agile approach to development would be the best fit.

If you're not familiar with Agile, it's a flexible way of managing projects, particularly in software development. Agile allows the project to adapt and evolve in response to any changes or new requirements that may arise. This is different from traditional methods that attempt to define all requirements at the start and stick to a rigid plan.

Methodology Page Dragonfly SIAS App

This Agile method offers much-needed flexibility to adapt to any changes or new requirements as the project evolves. From the get-go, the graphics and design elements were agreed upon, paving the way for a seamless progression of the project. Scorchsoft carefully chunked the requirements throughout the development process to allow changes and additions as needed.



The mob app provides detailed information about different risk levels. Users can access this information through a dropdown view and read comprehensive details about each level.


Filters Page Dragonfly SIAS App

Intelligence Reports

One significant feature of the app is the provision of comprehensive intelligence reports. These reports detail global events and risks, with users able to delve into additional content such as images, modal pop-ups, and related reports to enhance their understanding of the topics at hand.

The app also incorporates a nuanced filtering system, allowing users to search for reports using criteria such as date, report type, risk type, intelligence type, and location. The location filter allows users to opt for specific countries or even whole continents via user-friendly dropdown menus.


Briefing Sessions Dragonfly SIAS App

Briefing Sessions

Podcast-buffs would find a treat in this app. Recorded briefing sessions are available as podcasts that can be downloaded and listened to while using other apps or when the phone is locked. Each podcast session is complemented by a downloadable PDF report.


Flashpoints Calendar

A short list of events dubbed 'Flashpoints Calendar' has been incorporated into the app. These events are organised by day, week, and month view and can be filtered by country, risk, and alert types. Users can also explore each event in detail by tapping on it.


Get in Touch

An in-app contact form makes communication with the Dragonfly team a breeze. Also, details about different risk levels are presented in a dropdown view.


Flashpoints Calendar Dragonfly SIAS App

Push Notifications

One of the app's highlights has to be the push notification feature. Users can opt to receive notifications regarding priority reports to stay up-to-date with the latest news. Tapping on a notification leads the user directly to the pertinent report within the app.


Sharing Reports Functionality

Sharing knowledge is at the heart of the Dragonfly SIAS app — users can easily share intelligence reports by sending web links via the app. A potential hurdle was crossed by allowing even non-licensed users to view these reports.

Scorchsoft's collaborative efforts with the Dragonfly and external API teams resulted in the successful development of an advanced mobile app. The Dragonfly SIAS app stands as a testament to its initiative to reach customers in a more modern, convenient way, complement the functionality of its web-based predecessor, and enhance user experience.

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