iStumble Care Sector App

This app is aimed at the care sector and helps to save lives and resources by teaching primary care workers how to pick up patients who have fallen over

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iStumble Care Sector App
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Prevent Unnecessary Ambulance Call-Outs

The iStumble app is designed for health care workers and carers of the elderly, working to prevent unnecessary ambulance call-outs for falls.

These accidents can be life-threatening for older patients but they can also be completely harmless, and knowing the difference between the two is critical. Through a series of questions, the user can check over their elderly patient before the app determines whether the paramedics are needed or not. 

We are very proud to be involved in another project where we are having a direct impact on safeguarding the lives of care home residents and helping to reduce unnecessary ambulance callouts.

This is another great example of how the public and private sector can work hard together and strive to reach our joint goal of creating better healthcare outcomes for all involved.

- Simon Claridge, CEO at Mangar Health

istumble app screenshot asking questions about the person who has fallen.

User-Focused Design using React Native for Android and iOS

By building iStumble using Facebook’s React Native, the app works on both iOS and Android, ensuring users on either mobile operator can access it. This opens up the platform to a wider audience, creating a larger customer base for our client. React Native also saves time, preventing the app from having to be written twice for both operators and making any future edits easier. The result is a seamless user experience across a range of mobile devices, optimising the app to suit their operator for the best functionality. 

To ensure everyone can use the app regardless of their technical expertise, the design is simple and focused on making the process as easy as possible. Navigation is kept to a minimum, with users being able to start checking over their patient after selecting one, large button on the app's homepage, and the text is large, clear, and easy to read. By avoiding over-complicated features and design, the app is more functional and better serves its purpose.

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Customisable Offline Caching of Data 

As an app that needs to be available to users 24/7, regardless of WiFi or service, data is cached offline. This ensures that it will always work in critical situations, giving users and their families peace of mind that help is always available. Without offline data caching, the app would only work when connected to the internet, which would make it unreliable to those in need. 

An admin backend designed for the app allows for customisable steps, which is essential to the apps function. As users proceed through the series of questions, their responses lead them on a different route that eventually provides them with the ultimate decision - whether or not they should call the paramedics. For example, if they select ‘Yes’ to new back or neck pain, they are immediately redirected to a page that tells them to call the emergency services.

screenshot of app video playback functionality, including outbound links

Integrated Video Instructions & Outbound Links

Videos are included within the app, allowing users to get further, visual information on how to deal with a fall. The video player is quick and seamless, allowing users to get the guidance they need without hassle.

The videos assist with the purpose of the app, and act as training at-the-point-of-need, adding more value to users of the app.

In-app links redirect users to the clients webpage, allowing for a further source of information without over-cluttering the app. This helps keep it simple and the main function clear, which is essential as an emergency-use app. The links are embedded in buttons, keeping the apps design clean and simple, and contain call to actions that encourage the user to click them, such as ‘Request a Demo’. 

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