Mosaic Masterpieces App

The Mosaic Masterpieces app is for art lovers to dive into the world of the artist, learn about their creative process, view and buy their artworks.

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Mosaic Masterpieces App

At Scorchsoft, we had the pleasure of teaming up with renowned artist Ruben Caroll, famed for their intricate mosaics crafted from hand-cut ceramic tiles. Our challenge was to devise a digital platform that both displayed the artist's exceptional work and fostered user interaction.

Ruben required a platform that did more than just exhibit their unique artistry; it needed to enable connections with art enthusiasts and streamline the sale of their pieces through an easy-to-use app accepting Google and Apple Pay. As novices in app launching, they needed our technical expertise to guide them in creating privacy policies and setting up developer accounts. This collaborative effort resulted in a sophisticated mobile application tailored to a variety of needs. Now, allow me to highlight some of the app's prominent features.

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Bio Page

This section allows art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the artist's world, offering a glimpse into their creative process through stunning images and a chance to get to know the visionary behind the art.


Contact and Waiting List Forms

Enthusiasts can directly get in touch with the artist and join a waiting list for desired art pieces, fostering a direct connection. Additionally, users have the option to subscribe to marketing communications to stay up-to-date with the artist's latest works. We made sure to include an easy-to-use interface that simplifies communication between the artist and their audience. For the email service, we used Mailersend, which ensures the smooth sending of emails. Scorchsoft provided support to the client with account creation and help with domain verification on the account.



 I engaged Scorchsoft to make an app for my Art business. Scorchsoft's team was extremely helpful and patient, guiding me step-by-step from inception to release. The app helps me stand out, and acts as a platform for promoting and selling my work. I would recommend Scorchsoft and use them again for future projects.

- Ruben Carroll

Shop Page Mosaic Masterpieces App

Art Shop

A fully integrated shop within the app enables users to purchase the artist's works, including both prints and original pieces. We've streamlined the purchasing process by incorporating Google and Apple Pay, ensuring smooth and secure transactions. The admin can easily manage and edit product information on the back end. Also, the backend has a separate section with a listing of sold artworks and basic information about the purchase, which facilitates managing sales.



In this dedicated section, users can explore a comprehensive collection of images, videos, and detailed information about each artwork. This immersive experience allows art enthusiasts to delve into the artist's vision and gain a deeper understanding of the inspiration behind every piece.

Home Page Mosaic Masterpieces App

Planning Process

To ensure seamless collaboration between the artist and Scorchsoft, we followed our tried-and-tested Scorchsoft Planning Process, utilizing the Waterfall methodology. This meticulous approach provided a solid foundation, allowing the customer to have a clear overview of the project timeline and milestones. Transparent communication throughout the planning stage ensured that the artist's ideas were brought to life in the final product, much to their delight.

Beyond developing a visually captivating mobile app for the artist's artwork, Scorchsoft also provided guidance on privacy policy resources and offered practical assistance in setting up Apple and Android developer accounts, as well as a complementary website.

The success of this app extends beyond its visual appeal. It has proven to be an invaluable tool in fostering meaningful connections between the artist and their audience. The ability to reach global audiences has resulted in increased interest in the artist's work, showcasing how technology can revolutionize even traditional sectors such as art.

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