PBJUMPS Jump Training App

This app automatically creates personalised training programs to help athletes to jump higher

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PBJUMPS Jump Training App
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Jump higher with the PBJUMPS app

The PBJUMPS app is a highly customised strength and conditioning program that uses science to train athletes how to jump higher. The client, VolleyScience, applies sports science techniques and information to help volleyball athletes to achieve exceptional results. 

Users take a self-assessment, answering approximately 30 questions as well as measuring their flexibility and mobility across a range of exercises. The app uses sophisticated algorithms that have been influenced by bleeding-edge sports science to create a tailor-made jumps program based upon the user's capabilities.

After several hours of discussions and one-on-one mentoring Scorchsoft instilled in me the confidence and motivation to leave my job and pursue my entrepreneurial endeavours.

I cannot thank Scorchsoft enough for the personal commitment and support that they have given me to get my vision off of the ground. 

- Gary Hutt, VolleyScience Founder

Mobility and training volume metrics and charts

Real-time performance tracking

The user's performance is evaluated continuously as they use the app. We record these metrics and allow the user to see how they progress at a glance on graphs and custom reports.

The mobility tracking spider diagram allows the athletes to see which aspects of their conditioning need work, providing context on how the app has constructed their training program.

Athletes care about getting the results as efficiently as possible, and research shows that increasing training volume and intensity improves strength. Our reports allow them to track their training volume and see their strength performance increase over time.

Subscription payments via Stripe

Seamless in-app payments

The app gives users significant value for free by allowing them to take a self-assessment and see the areas of their training that need the most attention. This free assessment is an essential part of the user experience and onboarding process as it demonstrates the value of the app in advance of requesting payment.

Once the user is convinced and experiencing the value of the program, they can continue progressing by paying a monthly fee, and they get a discount if they choose to pay in advance for the year.

The subscription payment process handled in-app which cuts out any administrative time associated with processing regular payments by PBJUMPS staff. They just market the product, sign up the users, and the app handles convince them of the value and encouraging them to become premium members.

Simple app registration and onboarding process

Simple user registration process and self-assessment

Having an effective signup process is critical to the success of many apps and PBJUMPS is no different. The onboarding process is free, completely automated, and integrates with email automation tools to educate the user of the benefits of the program. 

The proof is in the data and we've experienced some of the digital marketing campaigns directed at the pbjumps.com website have seen over 25% of visitors sign up for an account. Higher signup rates mean a lower cost of acquisition and better business results. Big thanks to OJ Stanley for his spectacular branding, UX research and design throughout the project which helped to support these results.

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