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MODL mobile app [Case study]

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Full featured mobile application

We developed the MODL mobile application to solve a range of issues and frustrations within the professional modelling industry. Users can register online via a simple form and download the application in order to complete their MODL profile. Once their profile has been set up, the model is then active within the database and is eligible for paid work once verified. Bookers can issue job requests to models via the app and models receive push notifications to alert them of the latest opportunities. 

The app drives a great deal of benefit to both the model and the bookers. Models get paid on time (within seven days) and only get shown real paid jobs, no time wasters. Bookers get immediate access to the MODL database of hundreds of professional models, and can typically find and book a model within a couple hours, compared with the usual lead time of over a week with a typical modelling agency.

Highly configurable model selection tools

We have meticulously designed the user interface (UX) and user journey of a web-based application to allow bookers to find and book professional models. Once registered, bookers can specify the criteria of the model they are looking for, selecting criteria such as gender, height, weight, body type and measurements. As the booker inputs their desired criteria we update a gauge counter (top right) to show them how many models meet their brief in real time.

Once a booker has finished adding their brief they can then use the online tools to send a push notification to all relevant models via the model's installed MODL mobile app.

We are all extremely excited about this venture and believe it will be ‘the one’ that changes the lives of everyone working within this industry. We signed up 400 professional models onto the service within the first 3 months of launching the app. Scorchsoft's strategic involvement has been critical to the success of this launch phase.

Ben Cook - CEO,  MODL app 

Cross-platform native app

Launching the app on both iOS and Android platforms was deemed to be critical to the success of the project, but developing a separate native app for each platform is expensive and time-consuming. To solve this problem we chose to build the application using the React Native framework (supported by Facebook), this approach allows us to build the app once and deploy to both Android and iOS platforms.

Unlike earlier cross-platform frameworks such as Cordova and PhoneGap, React Native delivers a real native front-end user experience with real native front-end components, the best of both worlds! Though it is a relatively new framework, React Native is already being used to develop large well-known apps including; Facebook; Instagram; Airbnb; and Baidu.

MODL app website screenshot

Conversion optimised website

In addition to the MODL web and mobile application, we also created a slick looking on-brand website for bringing the MODL application to market. Through targeted email and Facebook campaigns driving traffic to the website we were able to sign up over 400 professional models to the platform within the first three months of launching. 

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