Venues of Excellence Website & Portal

Venues of Excellence Website & Member Portal

Venue Booking Website

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Venues of Excellence Website & Portal

Specialist Venue Finder

The Venues of Excellence website offers a wide range of specialist venues for events, conferences, and training. Venue owners must first fill out a simple membership form before our client checks them against their strict criteria, to ensure they meet their high standards of quality. Customers can then find a venue through the site and be confident knowing they’re booking an excellent location that’s ideal for their event.

The website blends informative blog and news platforms with easy to navigate membership and venue search to create an engaging and practical site with sleek design.

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Image with desktop,mobile and ipad screens, showcasing the responsive design of the website on each

Responsive Design

The responsive design of the website ensures it can be viewed across platforms, from desktops and laptops, to mobiles and tablets. From the functional aspects, such as in-built forms and navigation, to the design itself, it’s optimised to work on any device the user is viewing it from, adjusting based on screen resolution to provide an exceptional user experience.

A responsive website has allowed our client to reach a wider audience that’s far more diverse. It also helps with SEO as Google favours mobile-friendly sites, making them more visible in search results than those that aren’t optimised.

Screengrab of the filters available in the venue selection process

Configurable Search

As the website’s main function is to help their customers find the venue that’s right for their unique event, the search had to be highly configurable whilst remaining easy to use. Users can select from specific criteria, including the area of the country, how many people will be coming to the event, and the type of building they’re looking for, before the system filters results to display the best matches. An integrated Google Map feature also displays pinned locations of venues for an easy to navigate selection.

Once the customer has found a venue, a form makes it simple for them to enquire further and get in touch with the Venues of Excellence team. This new search and selection process makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for and encourages them to move forward with a booking.

Members Portal For Exclusive Content

For members, the website contains a portal with access to exclusive content. There is also a job board that members can post to, allowing them to reach people in similar industries and easily fill positions within their business. These areas within the website that are exclusive to members add an extra incentive to sign up to Venues of Excellence, alongside their main purpose of pairing venues with the customers who need them. Further benefits are listed in a downloadable PowerPoint, giving users an easy-to-view overview of what they get from signing up.

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