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Scorchsoft design and develops online video calling platforms using a combination of front end and back end technologies. Integrate with Zoom, Twillio and AWS.

In a world where your business needs to stay connected, online video calling is the way forward. Stay in touch with clients, staff and partners around the world and speak face-to-face whenever you need to. Video calling functionality can be used internally for your team, or to reach your clients in new ways.

Drive new business models

Online video calls open your business up to a new world of opportunity.

You can create and deliver business models that previously weren’t possible, adding more value to your company. Let your employees work from home, reducing office space and increasing work flexibility, or provide 24/7 face-to-face customer support for all of your clients, no matter where you or they are.

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Operate remotely

Businesses are becoming increasingly global, making remote operation a necessity if you want to grow. By enabling online video calls, you, your customers, it your staff can carry out work from anywhere in the world.

Whether you need to get in touch with employees about a project or quickly address an issue with an overseas client, online calls allow for fast-paced business and remote connections, or to implement a new service that leverages video.

Show your face, build relationships, and grow your business without your customers leaving their home.

Compete in new ways

By taking advantage of online video calls, you can evolve how you compete with other businesses. You can reach a wider audience, offer a wider range of services, and strengthen overseas relationships.

The benefits of online video calls can transform you from a local or even national business into a global competitor. 

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Real-time video (with Twillio)

When setting businesses up with online video calling, we have the option to integrate with Zoom, Amazon Web Sevices, or Twilio Programmable Video. With each option having its own benefits and commercial trade-offs which we would be happy to discuss with you.

This lets us build a video platform for your company that focuses on real-time video across platforms. The site has a pre-coded base that we program over, ensuring a strong foundation for your needs.

With their trustworthy server and our knowledge, we can prevent delays and buffering so that you can make real-time calls without a hitch.

Stored audio and video 

There are two ways of hosting online video calls. One is by connecting users directly to each other, which can make recording and storing quality video difficult. So, instead of this, we use a central server to relay your video from your recording device to your peer’s screen. By doing this, we make it easier for you to record and store the video or audio so that you go back to it whenever you need to.

Storing high-quality footage had the added benefit of being useful if you want to share the content.

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Optional end-to-end encryption

If you want to encrypt your real-time video data, we can make that possible. We use public-private key encryption for real-time calls, making sure that the only people who can access your video are those that you want to.

For topics such as corporate training, business meetings, and sharing confidential knowledge, this security is crucial. You don’t want unauthorized users viewing your video calls, so we make sure they can’t get in. 

Mobile device support

Our online video software doesn’t just work on web apps. It’s mobile-device supported, meaning that we can set it up on mobile apps and mobile web browsers.

We make sure that the quality you expect is reached across platforms and that you can switch easily from one to another. In a world of many devices, you want your solution to work on all of them.

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Automatic call transcripts

Sometimes video isn’t enough. When you need to save information, share it, and utilise it, we offer automatic speech-to-text call transcripts as an option. Your video content will be immediately transferred into written content, saving you from having to re-watch your calls and making sure you never miss a word. With transcripts, we help you make the most of every call.

If you work globally, this is also incredibly useful for translation purposes when sharing information.

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